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BBQ BOSS CATERS! We offer easy to order, delicious food options for any size event. For your small group, large gathering or mega event, everyone will enjoy a bite of the best!

Just read what our customers and corporate clients have to say

Chad H.


“The BBQ Boss team has been phenomenal in assisting with our community environmental events. At the end of each work plan, we try to provide a hearty lunch for our volunteers to reward their efforts; providing for anywhere between 30-100 people. In the past we’ve tried grilling ourselves or bringing in pizza or subs, however BBQ Boss easily became one of our favorite choices for the quality of their service, cost, and frankly, the deliciousness of their food. At a set time BBQ Boss will arrive wherever our events are held and immediately provide a hot BBQ meal with little mess (individual eating styles aside!) or setup involved. I highly recommend BBQ Boss for your lunch and/or catering needs.”

Klaudia J.


“Delicious tender smoked meats and tasty sides! Everyone is happy when they know we are getting BBQ Boss for lunch. Consistently good quality eats! Thank you BBQ Boss.”